Bush House Museum

Bush House Museum With a guided tour of this family estate and art gallery from the late 19th century, you can look back in time. Learn about Oregon’s origin story and the legacy left by one of its founding families.

Founding family

The Bush Home and Museum pays tribute to the legacy of one of Oregon’s most illustrious founding families. In the heart of Salem, the ancestral home of the Bush family, there are impeccably preserved 20th-century memorabilia and an art center. The well-preserved Bushe family house contains an important collection of original furniture and ornaments, as well as an excellent collection of paintings depicting the Californian landscapes of the time.

What can you see there?

On the 40-acre Bush Grassland Park, there are the Bush House Museum and the site of the annual Salem Fair and Arts Festival. The stately Italian-style mansion is filled with furniture, ornaments, and artifacts that belonged to the Bush family. The excursion will tell you about the wonderful family heritage and various exhibitions. In particular, you can admire the complete collection of landscape paintings by renowned Californian artist Frank L. Heath.

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890 Mission St SE, Salem, OR 97302